Vivace Websites

Vivace (pronounced Vee-var-chay) is an italian word, often used in music,  which means “full of life” and “spirited”. Vivace websites aims to imbue your online presence with these attributes, so bringing your website to life!

Vivace Websites was set up by Clare Garner to make it easy for small businesses, community groups (such as choirs and music groups), charities and creative individuals to develop or enhance their online presence.

Clare has been developing websites for over 20 years and customers appreciate her ability to get under the skin of what they are trying to achieve with their online presence. She has a strong foundation in IT and web development, having worked in the software industry for many years. 

Her varied background in both the commercial IT business sector, and in school business management in both the state and private sectors, provides her with the skills and experience to understand and deliver to customer requirements.